All About Input Credit under GST

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  • For New beginners – Don’t worry if you have never heard of ‘input credit’ before. We’ll start from scratch.
  • For businesses & Entrepreneurs  – If you are a business, you may have already heard of VAT input credit, and you will soon know how it differs from GST input credit.
Unite 1- What is input credit?
Input credit means at the time of paying tax on output, you can reduce the tax you have already paid on inputs.
Say, you are a manufacturer –
tax payable on output (FINAL PRODUCT) is Rs 450
tax paid on input (PURCHASES) is Rs 300
You can claim INPUT CREDIT of Rs 300 and you only need to deposit Rs 150 in taxes.

Input Credit under GST
Input Credit Mechanism is available to you when you are covered under the GST Act.
Which means if you are a manufacturer, supplier, agent, e-commerce operator, aggregator or any of the persons mentioned here, registered under GST, You are eligible to claim INPUT CREDIT for tax paid by you on your PURCHASES.
How to claim input credit under GST?
To claim input credit under GST –
  • You must have a tax invoice(of purchase) or debit note issued by registered dealer
Note: Where goods are received in lots/installments, credit will be available against the tax invoice upon receipt of last lot or installment.
  • You should have received the goods/services
Note: Where recipient does not pay the value of service or tax thereon within 3 months of issue of invoice and he has already availed input credit based on the invoice, the said credit will be added to his output tax liability along with interest.
  • The tax charged on your purchases has been deposited/paid to the government by the supplier in cash or via claiming input credit
  • Supplier has filed GST returns
Possibly the most path breaking reform of GST is that input credit is ONLY allowed if your supplier has deposited the tax he collected from you. So every input credit you are claiming shall be matched and validated before you can claim it.
Therefore, to allow you to claim input credit on Purchases all your suppliers must be GST compliant as well.

GST Input Credit

Its time to understand how INPUT CREDIT works under GST

Avail GST Input Credit

Suppose there is a seller Mr A and he sells his goods to Mr B. Here Mr B i.e the buyer will be eligible to claim the credit on purchases based on the invoices. Let’s understand how:
Steps on how to claim input credit under GST
Step 1: Mr A will upload the details of all tax invoices issued in GSTR 1.
Step 2. The details with respect to sales to Mr B will auto populate/ get reflected in GSTR 2A, the same data will be pulled when Mr B will file GSTR 2 (i.e details of inward supply).
Step 3: Mr B will then accept the details that the purchase has been made and reported by the seller correctly and subsequently the tax on purchases will be credited to ‘Electronic Credit Ledger’ of Mr B and he can adjust it against future output tax liability and get the refund.

In the next blog, we will learn about situations when credit can not be utilised and other provisions related to input tax credit under GST.

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